Cremation Information & Services

Cremation Information & Services

Families living in Hastings County have turned to Quinte Cremation and Burial Services, Ltd to provide them with affordable cremation services since 1998. If you were to ask anyone we've served in this span of nearly two decades about the quality of care they received, you'd quickly learn we are not only the leader in low-cost cremation; we have long-been the most trusted direct cremation provider in the region. Today, we operate our own crematorium with the same level of honesty and integrity we've always held. Read further to learn more about the operational standards of our crematorium and the cremation services we offer. If questions arise, or you'd simply like to speak to a licensed member of our staff to initiate cremation service arrangements, call 613-962-7900. We are available to you day or night.

A Brief Look at Cremation

Very few have a clear understanding of exactly what's involved in cremation. Instead, there's only a rather vague awareness about the process itself; and no real knowledge about what's involved in making cremation service arrangements; which leaves most folks with more questions than answers. Let's tackle these one at a time: 

1. What is cremation? You can find an answer to this question almost anywhere online, but realizing not all online sources are reputable; we'd like to provide you with our own definition: cremation involves the use of very high-temperatures (760-982°Celcius) to vaporize and oxidize physical remains, effectively reducing the body to its most basic elements. The process takes anywhere from an hour to three hours, depending on the weight (mass) of the individual. Once the cremation process is over and the resulting cremated remains have cooled, they are further processed to ensure a uniform, granular appearance. Cremation has been described as a process where the combustion of natural gas or propane is effectively used to accelerate the natural process of decomposition. 

2. How do I make cremation arrangements for a family member? The essential thing to know when asking this question is the answer to another question: who is the person with the legal authority to take on this responsibility? If named, the Executor of the deceased's estate has the obligation of making cremation service arrangements on their behalf. Be aware we will need to have written proof of the named Executor before any cremation services arrangements can be completed. If there is no such documentation available to us, the order of precedence would be as follows: spouse, adult children, adult grand-or great-grand-children, surviving parent or grandparent, surviving siblings or other immediate family members (uncles, aunts, or cousins). Naturally, if the deceased is a minor child, the surviving parents always take priority over any other family member. 

Have you ever wondered who in Ontario chooses cremation...and why? In "Cremation Rates Rising in Ontario", published online in April of 2013, Patrick Cain and Leslie Young, two journalists for the Global News share that "in 2011, 58.7 per cent of deceased Ontarians were cremated", citing statistics from the Ontario Board of Funeral Services. But they go on to say the practice isn't evenly distributed throughout the province, and offer readers a detailed map of cremation and burial rates for each FSA code (the first three digits of a postal code). Here are the highlights: 

  • In the city of Toronto, the highest cremation rates are "in certain downtown neighbourhoods, especially near the waterfront and the Church and Wellesley area, although the residents of several neighbourhoods on the west end strongly prefer burial over cremation."
  • Unlike Toronto, in Ottawa, there are no "pockets" where burial is preferred; instead cremation is the most popular choice throughout the city.
  • And large parts of northern Ontario such as Sudbury and North Bay, and a significant portion of Thunder Bay, also choose cremation.

Regarding the reason for this upsurge in cremation rates, the authors offer the opinion of the then current president of the Ontario Funeral Service Association, Scott Miller, who argued "Cremation has become increasingly popular mainly because the cost of cemetery property has become too expensive for some. Miller also implied that immigration is playing a major role in the growth of cremation in popularity, noting "as people move to Canada from countries where cremation is more common, they will choose cremation here, affecting the overall rate."

Our Cremation Services

In order to best serve the families and individuals living in Hastings County, we remain committed to keeping the cost of our cremation services down; all the while ensuring the highest-quality of care. 

When you select one of our direct cremation service packages, you've effectively paid for all required professional staff services; including the completion of any required documentation, permits and forms, the transportation of the deceased from their current location to our crematorium (including vehicular rental), sheltering facilities, and a basic cremation casket. Both the cremation fee and the cost of the coroner's cremation certificate are also included. 

Click on the appropriate link to learn the direct cremation service options available specifically for residents of Quinte West, Madoc, Belleville, Stirling, Bancroft, Trenton and Cobourg

It's Easy to Get the Decision-Making Support You Need

When making the decisions related to the end-of-life care of a family member (or when making pre-arrangements for yourself or someone you hold dear), it's important to know you've got access to information that can help in this important task. For example, did you know it's easy to verify the good standing of any funeral service provider? Just contact the Board of Funeral Services

Also, both the provincial and national governments have prepared consumer-oriented guides, which they make available online. There's the Consumer Information Guide, published by Consumer Protection Ontario and available through the Funeral Services Board website. You also have the Canadian Consumer Handbook: Funeral Products and Services, which is published and distributed by the Canadian national government as a resource to anyone living in the various provinces and territories. If you have any difficulties downloading a copy of either of these guides from the stated sources, please call us at 613-962-7900. We will be pleased to assist you in learning more about your consumer rights in selecting cremation services on behalf of a loved one. 

There's another resource we should remind you of: the accumulated experience and insights of our staff members. We are standing at the ready and able to provide you with the professional support you may be looking for during this time. Call us at 613-962-7900 to discover exactly how valuable of an ally we can be to you.

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