Quinte West Direction Cremation

Quinte West Direct Cremation

This direct cremation plan is available to families and individuals living in Quinte West, Ontario, and the cost is guaranteed to be the lowest of all the cremation providers in the area. While affordability is an important issue, so is the overall security of the cremation process. By owning and operating a private crematorium, we ensure the safe custody of your loved one; giving you added peace-of-mind. Specific cremation service arrangements can be made in-person, or by telephone, fax or email. If you have questions about anything you see here,
 please call us at 613-962-7900 
Staff Services
Professional & Staff Services                                        $200.00
Documentation, Permits & Forms                               $125.00
Transport Remains (From Place of Death)                 $125.00
Facilities for Sheltering                                                  $175.00              
Vehicle Requirements
Transport Remains (To Crematorium)                        $125.00
General Purpose Vehicle                                               $45.00
                                                                    SUBTOTAL:   $795.00
(Hansen Packaging)
Cardboard Cremation Casket #001                             $495.00
                                                                      SUBTOTAL  $1290.00
                                                                      HST 13%      $167.70
                                                                      TOTAL          $1457.70
Cash Disbursements (Outside Costs)
Cremation Fee                                                                $633.50
Coroner's Fee                                                                 $75.00
                                                          GRAND TOTAL    $2,222.70

Is It Time To Make The Call?

We hope we've provided you with all the information you and your family need to make your cremation services decision quickly and easily. But if you have questions about any of the direct cremation service charges and fees exclusive to Quinte West residents noted here, don't hesitate to call us at 613-962-7900. Someone is available, day or night, to take your call.
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