Burial Services

Burial Services

The earliest human burial dates back 100,000 years making it one of the longest-lived and most widespread of traditions. For an overview of the many different burial traditions, check out the websites in the Resources section below.

In a 2013 online article about the rise in cremation here in Ontario province, Global News journalists Patrick Cain and Leslie Young interviewed funeral professional Scott Miller, who was then the president of the Ontario Funeral Service Association. As quoted in Cremation Rates Rising in Ontario, Miller believes, despite the rising cremation rate in the province, some people will continue to choose burial for two reasons: their cultural or religious values support burial over cremation, or the family has long held interment rights in a local cemetery. If your loved one's situation calls into play either reason, cultural dynamics of existing cemetery property rights, then you'll find this information on our burial services valuable. Should you have any questions about direct burial or any of our other burial service options; we ask that you call us at 613-962-7900. 

Understanding Burial Services

We have the deepest respect for this traditional practice. If you are interested in learning more about the burial services we offer, please review the following information. Should you have questions about anything, please call us.

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to bury a recently-deceased loved one, or when selecting burial during funeral pre-planning. One of the first decisions you'll need to make involves choosing both the cemetery and the specific place of burial within its grounds. You'll then need to select a casket and possibly a burial vault, as many modern cemeteries require their use. At some point, and this does not have to take place right away, the decision becomes one of selecting the headstone or marker and writing the inscription. A member of our professional staff will be available should you wish to have assistance in making each of these decisions.

Types of Burial Services

We'd like to simplify things for you by breaking our burial services into two distinct categories: direct burial and graveside services. They differ in a number of ways, but without doubt, direct burial is a less expensive option. With direct burial there is no gathering of family or friends either prior to the interment or as part of the burial service itself. The deceased is simply and quietly interred by cemetery groundskeepers, supervised.
This compares to a graveside service, where a group of interested people gather to participate in an orchestrated series of events. Graveside services can range from the traditional Christian or Jewish committal service, to a less formal (yet equally as engaging) memorial service. If you are interested in holding a graveside service for your loved one, we encourage you to phone us at 613-962-7900 to speak with a licensed staff member who can assist you in making the necessary arrangements. 

Our Direct Burial Services

When considering direct burial with Quinte Cremation & Burial Services, Ltd. you'll want to know the price includes the basic professional services fee, as well as charges for the physical care of the deceased prior to burial, and any fees related to the transportation of the deceased's body. However, you should realize that any fees charged by the cemetery where you intend interment, including the initial cost of the burial property rights, any fees charged for the opening and closing of the grave or mausoleum crypt, or the endowment care of the grounds. Also it does not include the cost of a headstone or grave marker; nor does it include the cost of installation charged by cemetery administrators. 

In other words, there's no easy way to illustrate actual direct burial costs; there are simply too many variables involved (such as the specific cemetery selected, whether or not you already hold burial rights there, their interment regulations, and any ancillary fees charged). If direct burial sounds like a good option for your situation, we encourage you to call us at 613-962-7900 to begin to set down the specifics and calculate the actual cost of the burial services you're considering (and the cost of any necessary purchases). 

Consumer Protection Ontario published the Consumer Information Guide, available through the Funeral Services Board website. In it, they note:

  • Burial in Ontario must take place within a registered cemetery
  • Depending on the location, the deceased may be placed "in a grave with or without a casket"
  • A solid container may be required to transport the body
  • A burial vault or outer grave liner may be required, depending upon cemetery by-laws

We encourage you to download a copy of the guide from the link provided above. If you would rather speak to a member of our staff in order to obtain your personal copy, call us at 613-962-7900 for assistance. 

You also have the option of obtaining a copy of the Canadian Consumer Handbook: Funeral Products and Services, which is published and distributed by the Canadian national government as a resource to anyone living in the various provinces and territories. It is an all-inclusive resource featuring an overview of available funeral services, and lists of provincial and territorial funeral service regulatory agencies and Consumer Affairs offices.

Let Us Help

Both direct burial and direct cremation are forms of direct disposition; and both include the removal of the deceased from their current location (either the place of death or hospital or city morgue), the placement of their physical remains into a suitable container, and the secure delivery of their body into the care of a cemetery or crematorium. When compared to standard funeral service costs, both are highly affordable end-of-life options for you to consider. 
The resources mentioned above, the Consumer Information Guide and the Canadian Consumer Handbook: Funeral Products and Services, are valuable, yet you may still be "on the fence" about what you feel is the best choice for your situation. If that's the case, call us at 613-962-7900. We'll take all the time you need to explore the details and arrive at the decision that's right for your family.
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